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Finding a Muslim Match

Single Muslim

Muslims can either be extremely lucky or the opposite in finding a good Muslim match for themselves. Allah has asked us to choose our Muslim match by judging the person’s faith, beauty and status. But these are not to be judged in a Muslim match based on materialistic attributes. For example if you’re judging beauty in your potential Muslim match you must not judge outer beauty or society’s perception of outer beauty like the colour of skin. You must judge beauty of the personality and wisdom of the heart of your potential spouse. Status is not to be judged in a Muslim match by the amount of money the person earns but rather should be judged as their status in the eyes of their companions just like Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was judged, being called ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Amin’. That is how you must find your perfect Muslim match, by seeing whether they fulfill all the requirements that are held great in the eyes of Allah. Does Allah approve of your chosen Muslim match? Ask yourself this question and you will not find any difficuklty in finally finding your Muslim match and your partner for life InshaAllah.

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