qaseem722, a Never Married muslim man in Afghanistan is looking for marriage partner

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  • 31
  • M
  • Just Muslim
  • Never Married
  • Afghanistan
  • Military
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I am from afghanistan My [Visible to Paid Users]

My self-summary

I am from afghanistan My [Visible to Paid Users]

My long term goals

A better hadafay alhaqiqi ealaa almadaa alttawil hu 'ann yaeish hayat arda' alllah alssamah li bialddukhul 'iilaa aljannat fi alakhirat. walakun min ajl alqiam bidhilik, laday 'ahdaf 'ukhraa, wala syma tilk alty 'ana ealaa hadha almawqiei, wahu aleuthur ealaa shakhs ealaa alzzawaj waleaysh hayatan saeidat wal'iislamiat maeahum, wabialttali tahqiq nsf din biladi. 'awadd 'an 'ajid muhannatan 'astatie 'an 'asheur biha mufiidat, 'aw naweaan min aleamal alttatawwueia, aldhy yumkinuni alqiam bih eindama 'asheur bidhalik. bial'iidafat 'iilaa dhalik, 'awadd 'an 'abda 'usrat, warafae 'atfali 'ann yaeish hayat 'iislamiatan liarda' allh. ladhlik, 'urid eumumaan 'ann ziadat thaqti bialnnafs fi 'ay muhimmat 'ann eali alqiam bih ealaa tul alttariq.

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Thiching A journey recite the Qur'an and enjoy their free life

The first thing people notice about me

sincerityI think what people are honest and ethical tolerance is good

My family background and values

I grew up in a good family, a religious scholar was my father's family was very kind of piety has me well trained

What I love most about Islam

I see something good in Islam lofty moral rights of every individual in society in terms of five-time prayers that pleased Muslim and Islam is the common good life

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Nothing that I want my partner is a five-time prayers, recite the Quran and implement commandments as much as what is important is the desire of all human beings honesty, love, courage, patience, tolerance

You should message me if

Those should send me a message that I would like to have the marriage will not disturb