jamal011984, a Never Married muslim man in Algeria is looking for marriage partner

Muslim Men Algeria jamal011984
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  • 36
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  • Just Muslim
  • Never Married
  • Algeria
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I am a person with good morals and I love good for people

My self-summary

I am a person with good morals and I love good for people

My long term goals

A righteous wife and children to pray for me and to achieve my goals that are pleasing to God, God willing

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Many things

The first thing people notice about me

Dealing well with all people is my best quality

My family background and values

Conservative family

What I love most about Islam

The most wonderful thing that I find in my religion, Islam, praise be to God, is the true religion in every sense. I do not have my religion, anything that calls for contradiction, no matter how much I know all religions on the face of the earth.

Things I'm looking for in a partner

The important thing is fidelity and the world is only a journey and travel

You should message me if

You really loved me as a person. The important thing is not money and other things, but love for the other in every sense, and that means love for the other is his love in itself and not what he has because what he has is going away.