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  • 43
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  • Just Muslim
  • Never Married
  • Canada
  • Marketing Professional
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Allah subhanahu wa taala has kept our success in deen (islam)

My self-summary

Allah subhanahu wa taala has kept our success in deen (islam)

My long term goals

to live peaceful happy life according to Allah's order (islam) and sunna of profet mohammad sallalahu alayhalayhi wasallam.

Things I'm good at and enjoy

i enjoy helping people.

The first thing people notice about me

Religious,simple,honest,kind and generous.

My family background and values

there are three members in family i have one older sister and my mother.my family is currently living in bihar india.

What I love most about Islam

Everything. What is there not to love about this beautiful religion we have been blessed with?

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Deendaar (religious) simple,honest and kind hearted.

You should message me if

Nikah is a sunnah and by contacting me you are one step closer to completing half your deen.