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In terms of Islam - I would describe myself as a sincere Muslim brother... I try to uphold to the best of my abilities the principles of Islam, and as such believe in the guided middle road... where Taqwa and Intelligence are as important as respect for religious scholarship and leadership... I do not ascribe to blind following of religion - however personally follow the teachings of my teachers and the Amir of Jamaica (Shaykh Musa Tijani) who were for the most part trained at the University of Medinah... That is to say the majority of the Fiqh that I practise happens to be that of the school of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal... However I consider myself Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jammah, and as such have a deep and profound respect for all of the great Shayƫq of our deen... I would like to think that others enjoy my company and consider me intelligent, caring, trustworthy, fun and positive... I try not to condemn, criticize, cajole, or contradict people - but if my opinion is asked for I am unafraid and unapologetic in my defense of what I sincerely believe to be the Islamic position on a subject...

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