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I work for my self...An Entrepreneur, (Internet Life Style).Currently Still Doing My Phd In Computer Science. Personal Website :: http://dawoodmossad.com/

My self-summary

I work for my self...An Entrepreneur, (Internet Life Style).Currently Still Doing My Phd In Computer Science. Personal Website :: http://dawoodmossad.com/

My long term goals

Striving to be among the 70,000 who will enter paradise (Jana) without intercession...direct...among the ummah of Rasul S.A.W....Its a big Battle, which i work on every day....its all about Soul Purification from all Haram Habits and rusts which had stained my heart for a very long time....

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Ibadah (Worship) and Computers....not compute games...but with Digital Marketing mastery,Advertising,information marketing,selling stuff to countries i have never visited using the power of internet...

The first thing people notice about me

Patience and Calmness. u can step on me and move on without me doing anything to you. but it wasnt like that before.its been a tough journey working on my "Karin", making it submit to the right ways the creator wants us to behave.This has been one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life. and its part of a test from the creator....and its a long journey

My family background and values

Well i do come from a christian family. reverted to ISLAM By Allahs mercy, by the time i was 25 years Old, many years have passed now...and its been a long journey of Learning...and i'm still Learning...I Have 2 Jobs, that is, The Job Of Akhira (Jannah)..this takes alot of my time, and i like it...and another Job is My Share here in this world,which Allah Predestined for me...and many other things on my Table...I dont Enjoy Travelling...i feel thats a waste of time...i would rather spend that time collecting more and more provisions for the Akhira(Janna)...But this needs a new heart and mind,and alot of reading to understand...weak minds will not understand this...as many people have been brained washed alot with illusions...

What I love most about Islam

Well as a learned man, i feel this is a question which anyone who reads daily and works on him or herself can answer. ISLAM is a way of Life. its morethan religion. only that this ummah has neglected it. even real muslims dont understand it. this is something u cannot buy. its a form of light or baraka ALLAH Bestows on any of his slave. therez alot of work to reach this level. its all about soul purification. any one who is on this JOURNEY, KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I'M SAYING HERE...

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Righteousness....Truth...Trust....Good Characters....Your Beauty is not Important To Me...bcoz its not you who made(created) your self, and very soon you will be turned into something else in Akhira(Jannah) which you do not know...So Your Beauty and Your Riches are not Important To Me PLEASE. I ONLY WANT RIGHTEOUSNESS...Thats it...well, no one is perfect, but you can work on it...but this takes time,and u need a guide and a supporting partner who really knows what it is...i have been there...and i know what it...

You should message me if

You've Captured a Glimpse of me.If your ready to sell this world for the next(Akhira),then message me. but if you are not ready to sell this world for the next(Akhira)...please dont message. i'm just point Blank....selling this world for the next, i mean RIGHTEOUSNESS....BUT dont worry, you can still LEARN From me...learning never ends...as u know even some of our parents need a little bit of panel beating to straighten them. no one is perfect. but every skill is learnable