ahmad_cs, a Never Married muslim man in Tunisia is looking for marriage partner

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  • 30
  • M
  • Malaki
  • Never Married
  • Tunisia
  • Doctor
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For you to discover..Just ask me...

My self-summary

For you to discover..Just ask me...

My long term goals

To become a doctor To learn more and more about Islam and hold on being a good Muslim and worship Allah the way i am supposed to do.

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Studies, basketball, Arabic caligraphy, fishing, swimming..

The first thing people notice about me

that i'm shy or too calm (at first)

My family background and values

We are a religious family and very close to each other

What I love most about Islam

Tawheed (the absolute monotheism) Unity of the Muslims all over the world

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Kind, honest, loyal, religious, well educated, beautiful..

You should message me if

yo ulike my profile and you think you can fit it