Kwiet_Storm, a Never Married muslim man in United Kingdom is looking for marriage partner

Muslim Men United Kingdom Kwiet_Storm
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  • 38
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  • Just Muslim
  • Never Married
  • United Kingdom
  • Factory worker
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An easy going brother, with a good sense of humor.

My self-summary

An easy going brother, with a good sense of humor.

My long term goals

Marriage, start a family and reach Jannahtul Firdous insha'allah..

Things I'm good at and enjoy

varies from listening to qur'an recitation/lectures, read upon the deen, video games, and much more. oh, i also enjoy relaxing and drinking tea. sightseeing, photography, playing basket ball, gym, martial arts and much more. i can't give away all at once.. ;o)

The first thing people notice about me

My face

My family background and values


What I love most about Islam

Rights of the people.

Things I'm looking for in a partner

I'm looking for a woman who wants to settle down with me, the man of her dreams ;o) Now, I don't have an ideal partner like the rest of you, I believe even the most incompatible person, could become compatible. everyone has differences, needs, ideals etc but the question is can you compromise, sacrifice, be patient, be considerate, be understanding? After all those are the some main qualities for a marriage to work, since it's an give and take relationship. Height, education, income etc mean nothing to me, nor does it intimidate me to have a spouse smarter than me ;) someone who is seeking a simple life. Someone who I can find comfort in after a long day and vice-versa.

You should message me if

Your interested even if you think we are not compatible. Through correspondence is the only way to know if your compatible or not, sadly a lot mistake it as a feeling. If you have an open mind and heart you may find what you been seeking your whole life. You have nothing to lose but lot to gain, so don't be shy to converse.. ;o)