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Honestly, I'm slow warming up to people but can be very chatty once I'm familiar with them. I'm a bit of a foodie. I enjoy a good lunch paired with and a siesta. My leisure time is spent mostly at home with family but I also treasure some 'ME' time every now and again. I'll go out for a good movie if there is one or book myself a table for one for a quick brunch. Last year I left my admin job in the corporate sector (was not a halal job anyway) because I wanted to change my career to something more rewarding. However, it has proven not as easy as I anticipated. No hope lost though, I'm still working on joining the health care field to benefit the elderly, most importantly. My intent is to relocate overseas to start my career and InshaAllah join a Muslim community I may be a part of and learn from. Canada being first on my list because I want to experience snow and I love maple syrup. Deen is hard sometimes but I remind myself that there is no greater gift than being a Muslim and Allaah subhana wa-ta-ala does not burden us with more than we can bare. So akhy, I'm looking for someone to share this Dunya with while we work our way to our Akhira.

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