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Serious, educated, sincere, know wnat I want and decided to get married..

My self-summary

Serious, educated, sincere, know wnat I want and decided to get married..

My long term goals

Whats the most important for me is finding a place where familly life/legal right are respected, I see that reflected here. Regarding the professional goal: Im looking for the sustainable development research opportunities (water desalinization, waste water treatment, petrol processing), as I believe am able to apply my eng./res. skills and and build upon them.

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Its hard to be objective regarding ourselves, but Ill tray to give an answer: Im good at + enjoy to discover/research/ acquire knowledge(s) beneficial for donya (resp. after life) affairs.

The first thing people notice about me

I guess that the first thing people notice about me is that Im someone who does not give up, since ever takig the life as a 'battle'; always curious to learn more and always asking myself questions whether it could be a better solution out there...

My family background and values

Moderate conservative

What I love most about Islam

Practicality, by the means of providing the solutions for the familly problems: due to the fact that the familly is the basic and essential unit of each society, questions related to the familly issues needs to be answered in adequate way. The second issue that I admire about Islam: a unique profound explanation on the word 'jihad' = the permanent (parallel) battle(s) with the evil within ourselves and on donya life....

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Serious, very well educated, sincere, knows what he wants and decided to get married.

You should message me if

You should message me if you comply with what written above :)