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Hi my name is Zara I reverted to Islam 8 years ago alhamdulillah, I'm a very simple woman who enjoys the small things in life. This year was not an easy for me at all and a lot of changes happened alhamdulillah. I'm very easy going and light hearted I love to joke and if anything I'm looking for a man with the highest faith that can lead me to Jannah inshallah. I don't sugar coat things and can out straight honest. I like to go on long walks and think really deeply. I get solace from reading surah a nahal the bee everyday as its my favourite surah. If your serious text if you want to fool around dont bother mailing me. I can be very light hearted and child like with the right match and life will never be boring if you want to know more you know what to do and players be warned.

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