mmebutterfly256, a Divorced muslim woman in Kenya is looking for marriage partner

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at the end, love and kindness is what matters

My self-summary

at the end, love and kindness is what matters

My long term goals

to be an embodiment of the spirit of the deen, as a woman, wife, mother and human being

Things I'm good at and enjoy

curious about the stories of others and as such, i pay close attention to the narratives that echo in body language, in the eyes, in the hands, in the spaces that we all inhabit

The first thing people notice about me

my eyes and smile

My family background and values

i am born with the heartbeat of the earth echoing my being. although, i am the only muslim in my family, the ethos of living a just life anchor the family of my birth.

What I love most about Islam

poetic simplicity and practical application to daily life

Things I'm looking for in a partner

loves the deen, strives to follow the sunnah, follows the beckoning of his heart and understands that he is a custodian of the earth, women and children

You should message me if

my words stir your heart.