fatima.zul, a Never Married muslim woman in Malaysia is looking for marriage partner

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  • 31
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  • Just Muslim
  • Never Married
  • Malaysia
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Discover yourself , I aint gonna make your life such an easy journey .

My self-summary

Discover yourself , I aint gonna make your life such an easy journey .

My long term goals

We all know dunya life is temporary.. and our long term goal is definitely resting in Jannah , inshaAllah Amiin :)

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Coffee hunts . Reading books . Writing journal . Traveling . Self reflecting . A lot more.. You just have to find what comforts your soul the most .

The first thing people notice about me

Making faces , hahahaha

My family background and values

Lucky enough alhamdulillah to be raised with an islamic background family , lovable and understanding parents . Values ? Know your priorities . Put God & parents before everything else necessary .

What I love most about Islam

It simplifies life . Full of hikmahs that we always overlooked it . Peace within it , within your soul .

Things I'm looking for in a partner

1. Aim for Jannah too 2. 5 times prayers well done & know how to read al- quran 3. Read books and travel often 4. English fluency if possible 5. Inspire each other to be better muslim each day 6. Positive thinkers , knows to respect women . 7. Be who you truly are , MOST IMPORTANT . Others may go with the flows..

You should message me if

You have enough guts to do so , if only you are man enough .