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An ambivert, a cat person, creative, optimist, loves reading and movies.

My self-summary

An ambivert, a cat person, creative, optimist, loves reading and movies.

My long term goals

To be a better muslimah and push forward toward the right path, be a inhabitant of Jannahtul Firdaws.

Things I'm good at and enjoy

I am a foodie that might be good at cooking too ;) enjoy traveling, photography, watching late night talk shows, stand up comedies (the clean one!) & SNL and recently discovered something that I'm good at, while try to cultivate it into an income. I guess you have to ask me what you want to know...

The first thing people notice about me

It depends on the day or situation.... some might say intimidating, friendly, serious, approachable, good conversationalist, sweet, shy, I don't know.... guess you have to get to know me first and ask me later.

My family background and values

My family is undoubtedly important to me which include my cats. I am thankful for my parents especially my mother raising me as an obedient muslimah. Respect is the most important element while growing is still important to me, respecting parents, elders and one day my future husband.

What I love most about Islam

As a born muslim, I felt I was conditioned to love and fear Allah, with understanding what is love. Alhamdulillah, three years ago during the end of Ramadhan...I feel in love with Allah S.A.T and was reborn as a muslim or going to a hijrah. The next Ramadhan I feel in love with our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. I am grateful that Allah has opened my heart for tawbah and on a continuous journey to be blessed by HIM.

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Single muslim man who is compatible to me. I am a realist and I don't believe in falling in love like in Disney's movies without knowing the other person. I am looking for a partner who also loves attending or listening to Islamic scholars talks/seminars for self improvement. A leader, confident, respectful, integrity, decisive, understanding, supportive, a good provider, sincere, genuine, gentle, faithful and loyal. Granted by Allah a pious and righteous spouse that will complete my deen and push me towards Jannahtul Firdaws

You should message me if

You feel/think that you want to know more about me :)