SaraMuslimah, a Never Married muslim woman in Norway is looking for marriage partner

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BBA student in Oslo

My self-summary

BBA student in Oslo

My long term goals

Graduate with masters in Finance or and Accounting , get a decent job related to my field and settle down with the love of my life and create a beautiful family in Norway together!

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Ummmm don't really know

The first thing people notice about me

People like my eye color and body shape wont be too detailed about it.

My family background and values

Come from a middle class, noble, and good muslim family.

What I love most about Islam

The fact that everything that Allah has forbid is for our own good and everything that is permissible benefits us. This is one of the biggest thing I like about our religion and also the fact that everything happens by the will of Allah. Sometimes there are things we hope and pray for but they don't become ours and we get concerned about it until we realize that it was Allah's protection or Allah knows we deserve better or Allah want us to wait until the right time comes for us to reach that goal or be with that certain person we desire to get married.

Things I'm looking for in a partner

- good iman ( someone who prays 5x, fasts during Ramadan, gives sadaqah, reads Qur'an regularly ) - has quality education only in the fields of Medicine, business, engineering, IT, or law - if working, someone who earns a stable income (come on we are here for marriage and to build a family and we live in so don't call me a gold digger and I have parents who will also need you to be stable financially to marry me...we are not westerns just go with looks and love each other and get married or date only to find out we have financial issues and wanna divorce / break up) - good health (mentally healthy and strong, physically fit) - independent person (who is not attached to parents / whose parents dont control him in life decisions) - loyal person - someone who doesn't smoke, drink, or consume intoxicants (i want a healthy relationship without abuse and want to bear healthy children) - good looks ( I'll be honest, this is also important for me, some girls might say they go with personality only if the guy is rich but doesn't have the looks, for me even if someone is rich but I'm not attracted to them, I will not marry them ''my parents will get mad if they hear me say this and might force me if an opportunity comes but i have the right to refuse because it's my life at the end and i wanna be married to someone i like looking at, someone who brings me calmness, sense of security and etc....) - never married (very important), if you have had gf in the past i dont want someone who has dated more than 3 times if he is muslim because you knowingly committed zina uhm uhm , but if revert, inshaAllah Allah will forgive his past when he reverts, so im no one to judge and i will definitely accept him!

You should message me if

you're serious and are in Oslo or Norway generally and if we proceed you will relocate / in EU but is willing to relocate. I'll stay in Norway for minimum 7 years to get passport and am planning to build a family and settle there...