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Muslim Women

"And among His signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves..." (30:21).


Allah has created Muslim women for Muslim men as he says in the ayah above encouraging us to get married. When Allah says that he has created mates for us from among ourselves He proclaims to us that we should consider the contract of marriage as highly important and look for a good Muslim woman or Muslim man to marry. It is one of His signs of bringing Muslim women and Muslim men on this earth so that a marital bond is formed and generations are born as a result. This also means that when Muslims get married, they have families and Muslim women give birth to more Muslims and hence the Ummah of the Prophet (PBUH) is made. So for a good Muslim man it is encouraged to find a good Muslim woman and take her under the contract of marriage. No doubt it is a beautiful relationship that gives birth to more relationships of the future because Muslim women are given the responsibility by Allah to not only bear the child in their wombs but also to raise them to become humans beings with a strong faith and belief in Allah. What better way to do so than to enter the contract of marriage?

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