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Nikah is a solemn contract between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman and it is the most loved one in the eyes of Allah. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said that when a Muslim husband looks at his Muslimah wife with love while they are in the contract of Nikah, Allah looks at them with mercy. What could be more beautiful than that, than to have all your sins forgiven in the eyes of Allah just by displaying love in your marriage. The nikah constitutes sacredness between the husband and the wife, and is a pledge that they will live together in this life in peace, harmony and love. For a nikah to take place, there must be two witnesses present and a few formalities on paper but they are nowhere as close to the bond that Allah has made for the both of you since the say you were born, the bond of sharing the rest of your life together. The worldly contract of nikah just gives the Muslim and Muslimah the strength to follow it and the responsibility to go through it according to the commandments of Allah. The beauty of Nikah as a halal form of love is all too amazing and we must therefore go through it, as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, if we can afford it. Let us all live to fulfill this beautiful relationship of nikah with our Muslim spouses and enter paradise IA.

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