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Hope in Muslim Marriage

Single Muslim

Many Muslims are tasked with the very important act in the eyes of Allah, that of finding a good Muslim match for themselves. Many Muslim men try hard to find the perfect Muslim bride but lots of them are unsuccessful, especially if they are living in a culture or society that does not have many Muslims. In such circumstances Muslims must not lose hope or trust in the qiran (light) of Allah for He guides us when we are lost. The qiran or beam of light belonging to Allah is to make us better Muslims and in that attempt He chooses to throw that qiran to all those who have faith; the faith of one day being able to find the perfect life partner and the trust that following His light and His qiran has never ever led them to harm. Muslim men and Muslimah should be certain that that light of qiran and straight path. Allah has said in the Quran “And He found you lost and He guided you. (93:7)” so believe in Him and his guidance. Believe that His qiran will lead you towards your perfect match with prayer and good deeds so continue to do so and never lose hope. May Allah give all of us perfect partners, Ameen.

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