UMMYUSUF2002, a Divorced muslim woman in United States is looking for marriage partner

Muslim Women United States UMMYUSUF2002
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  • 41
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  • Just Muslim
  • Divorced
  • United States
  • Teacher
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I'm striving to be the best in this life

My self-summary

I'm striving to be the best in this life

My long term goals

To make Hajj and be happily married and practicing the deen. Have my children hafis of Quran. In'sha'Allah

Things I'm good at and enjoy

Making friends, cooking and money management

The first thing people notice about me

my smile

My family background and values

Family orientated, I am the only child and so is my mother (I broke the cycle) I have three children. I have a small family.

What I love most about Islam

The connection you have with Allah. Knowing that when you feel that you are alone, Allah is always with you.

Things I'm looking for in a partner

Family orientated, serious about the religion, but not extreme. Serious about commitment and not feeling like I am walking on egg shells around him, knowing that being myself is what he would prefer. Must be patient ( I have 3children). He should be loving, kind, and thoughtful. And to keep it 100%. Try to fear Allah with his actions.

You should message me if

If you can answer yes to the answers of what I am looking for in a partner, honestly