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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Muslim Marriage
A Gift for a Muslim Wife

A Gift for a Muslim Wife - NikahExplorer

There is a very famous tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that a man should marry a woman for four things; her wealth, her status, her beauty and her religion. So when you chose a woman who has all these qualities to spend the rest of her life with you, Allah has already gifted you the qualities of the best woman who can live with you and make your life prosperous. However, it is also the man’s responsibility to gift his wife something in marriage and that is the point of this topic today.

Women are much more emotional than men. That is why Allah has prescribed that men be sensitive to the needs of women, be in the emotional, spiritual or physical. Men are to show a great deal of tact while dealing with their wives in everyday scenarios. A compliment sent her way right after morning breakfast, a rose given to her as a gesture of thanks are all the actions that can count as great gifts for the wife, but the most perfect gift that a Muslim wife can get from her husband is the gift of faith towards Allah shown by her husband.

A true Muslim married woman understands the institution of marriage as one where the husband and the wife not only live together in peace and harmony in this world but also do good deeds together so that they may strive to be together in Jannah. Since wives are the more emotional of the lot, they make more efforts to have this come true than their husbands. So it is no mystery when wives strive to make their husbands go towards the path of Allah.

The gift that Allah gave husbands in the form of a wife with the 4 qualities of wealth, status, beauty and religion is now to be given by the husband to the wife as well. The husband should have the wealth that he can share with his wife; that would be the perfect gift for her. He must also have the status to share with his wife so that they can live in this world without harm. His beauty should complement that of his wife’s, he should give her the gift of his inner beauty, being a good human being who helps people and follows the straight path; that would be a gift for the wife. But MOST of all, the best and most perfect gift that a husband can give to his wife is his FAITH and RELIGION, him following the path of Allah.

The greatest gift is his faith, indeed. For a wife, when her husband begins to follow Allah diligently, offers all his prayers, gives zakat, keeps fasts, seeks to perform haj with his spouse and most of all believes in the Oneness of Allah, that is the perfect gift. Because that is the gift that guarantees to her that you will be with her in Jannah, and what more does a woman strive for than the togetherness of the man she loves in this world and the next?