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Posted on 4/17/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Respect in Marriage

Respect in Marriage - NikahExplorer

One of the most important attributes of a happy marriage is for spouses to give each other respect. Respect is not the same as love. Respect is much deep than love and is always earned. When a Muslim man or woman feel that they respect each other in marriage, then Allah will automatically bless that marriage.

When you respect your spouse in marriage it means that you value their opinions and make them feel as your equal. It means that you take their opinions into account when you are making a decision and not just tell them about it but discuss with them the pros and cons of the decisions. It means respecting the habits and personality of your spouse and knowing that if there is something bad in them there will be something good in them too, When you don’t value the opinions of your spouse and do what you want without consulting them you are not only disrespecting your spouse but also disrespecting the entire marital relationship.

Respect for your spouse comes in different forms. You can respect the likes and dislikes of your spouse without having the same ones. You can sit and listen to them ranting away. You can make them feel you care a lot, that shows respect too. And you can do as little as gifting your spouse their favorite scent. When there is respect in marriage from either side, both husband and wife, then there is balance in the marriage and it leads to a healthy relationship. When there is respect in relationship it will automatically lead to love in marriage. Let us all strive to respect our spouses and our marital relationships and move towards the path that Allah has prescribed for us hand in hand with our spouse; the path of Jannah. Ameen.